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Spoon B16B B18C Complete Engine

Nengun presents  the New Spoon assembled complete engine to the market by using Honda brand-name parts (new engine) as a base for the B engine.

Spoon has prepared three kinds of engines for the DC2/DB8, and the EK9.

Spoon assembles a static balance (weight total of the piston, con rods and the pin) within 2g of mass production for instance according to the weight allowance 0.02g with skill from Spoons top mechanics that improves accuracy that far exceeds the standard factory mass production Honda engine. By improving the head gasket and the compression ratio by using the head gasket of the beam welding of two pieces made from spoon , and the use of the STD sized piston. Spoon has created engines that creates a sharp acceleration and better performance.

  • The engine comes with the Engine assay 
  • pistions ,crank Full running engine
  • Red Honda rocker cover

The Engine does not come with the Gearbox, Belts or Pulleys. Alternator or starter Motor. It doesn't come with an ECU or Car battery. You can use your current one you have. 




Product Version Vehicle Compatibility Price Order
CIVIC TYPE-R - B16B - Bore×Stroke(mm): 81.0×77.4 (1595cc), Compression: 11.1 (STD 10.8)
Civic - Type R - EK9
US $ 9,115.61
US $ 11,485.67
CIVIC TYPE-R - B16B - Bore×Stroke(mm): 81.0×87.2 (1797cc), Compression: 11.4 (STD 11.1)
Civic - Type R - EK9
US $ 9,115.61
US $ 11,485.67
INTEGRA TYPE-R - B18C - Bore×Stroke(mm): 81.0×87.2 (1797cc), Compression: 11.4 (STD 11.1)
Integra Type R - DC2
Integra Type R - DB8
US $ 9,115.61
US $ 11,485.67
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30th April 2013

Holy $&@?!!

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