Greatest Nismo Range Online!

At Nengun Performance we have been a trusted supplier of Nismo parts for over 10 years and always offer our best prices shipped to anywhere in the world.

KEY'S Racing direct from Japan!

The KEY'S Racing steering wheels are amongst the best available and we are proud to ship direct from Japan. Offered in a range of sizes and finishes for the perfect steering wheel for every vehicle.

Bee Racing Rev Limiter on sale!

The Bee Racing rev limiter is a customer favourite and we are pleased to offer our best ever price. Whether you use it for a safer ignition cut rev limiter for your engine or simply for the impressive flames, the BR Rev Limiter is now available direct from Japan.

Kansai Service direct from Japan!

Kansai Service is now available at reduced prices, shipped direct from Nengun Performance in Japan to anywhere in the world. HKS specialists Kansai Service offer a range of original parts to take your vehicle to the next level.

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