Refunds and Returns

The Nengun Performance team makes every effort to support you should your order need to be returned or refunded. Contacting the Nengun Support Team is always the best first step to resolve an issue with the order. The experienced time is more than happy to work with you towards the best outcome.


Nengun Performance will assist the customer in the processing of order returns, such as a returned shipment or change of mind in a timely manner. Return requests lodged by the customer must be received within 7 days of delivery.

Failed & Rejected shipments

Shipments returned due to failed delivery, incorrect address details, pick-up expiry or customs clearance failure are the responsibility of the customer. Shipments can be re-shipped at the cost of the customer. Unwanted shipments will be treated as a 'Change of Mind' return and restocking fees may apply. 

Upon receipt of the returned shipment, Nengun Performance will contact the customer in a timely manner with instructions on re-shipping options and applicable costs. Returned shipments may attract an additional return shipping or processing fee, in additional to the re-shipment associated costs. Upon payment of re-shipment costs, the shipment will be shipped in a timely manner and tracking details provided.

Change of Mind

Customers who have changed their mind can return parts to Nengun Performance. Change of Mind returns will attract a 30% restocking fee, calculated based on the value of the parts received at the original purchase price. All parts returned must be in original brand new condition appropriate for re-sale, including the part, manuals, packaging and related materials.

The customer is responsible for all shipping and related costs for the return relispment and delivery to the Nengun warehouse, this may include shipping costs, customs import and export duties and taxes. Should Nengun Performance incur any additional cost for receipt of the return, this will be added to the 30% restocking fee.

Refunds will be processed once the returned shipment has been received and inspected by the Nengun Performance team. Refunds can only be processed against the original payment method or refunded as store credit.


Nengun Performance will assist the customer post order placement, such as in the event of a shipment or warranty claim. The customer must contact the Nengun Performance support team in a reasonable timeframe should there be any issue with an order during or after delivery. Claims lodged after 7 days may not be honored at the sole discretion of Nengun Performance.

Order Claims

Shipments received in error, such as the wrong part received, must be reported to Nengun Performance within 7 days of the delivery. Nengun Performance will be responsible for any additional costs related to the correct supply of the order. Any parts supplied incorrectly may be required to be returned to Nengun Performance, the customer will be required to provide reasonable assistance in the safe handling and shipment of the returned parts in a timely manner.

Shipment Claims

Shipment claims related to the carrier must first be reported to the appropriate shipping carrier and a claim or reference number provided to start the claim process. Where possible, photos must be provided of the damaged shipment, including photos of the outer box, protective packaging such as bubble wrap and detailed photos of the damage to the contents. The customer preference for replacement, repair or refund will be required.

Upon receiving the shipment claim details, Nengun Performance will initiate a claim with the shipping carrier in accordance with the carriers claim process. Claims can take up to 2 months to be processed by the shipping carrier. Approved claims can result in full refund, partial refund or replacement of the damaged parts based on the preference of the customer and approval by the carrier.

Manufacturer Warranty Claims

Warranty claims may include, but are not limited to: parts supplied with manufacturing faults, parts with quality flaws and parts with fitment or functional flaws. Nengun Performance is not directly responsible for the warranty of parts and will facilitate manufacturer warranty claims on a best-efforts basis. All warranty claims must be lodged within 7 days of delivery. Warranty will not be honored due to customer mishandling, abuse or faulty installation. Detailed explanation, photos and/or videos must be submitted demonstrating the fault or flaw for all warranty claims.

Further information on ordering, refunds and the website is available under the Terms & Conditions. See Nengun Help information for further detail on the order return and claims processing workflow. The Nengun Support team will assist you in processing of your returned shipment and is available through email or online chat.