TRD Lug Nut Set

Vehicles on which M12 x P1.

Vehicles on which M12 x P1.5 hub bolts are used must have a tapered wheel nut seat with a nut hole diameter of at least 21 mm. (Cannot be installed on Toyota factory wheels.

Can be installed on TRD wheels (TRD Premium, TRD Sports, TRD Sports T3, WayDo J1, WayDo). (except for WayDo Land Cabin Cruiser 100 wheels.

Provides gentle seating for aluminum wheels
Using a special-alloy iron, a three-layer chrome plating process is performed on the main part of the lug nuts. On the side that seats onto the aluminum wheel, rather than using chrome, which aggressively attacks aluminum, a zinc chromate is used to prevent deterioration of the aluminum wheel and maintain a high degree of safety.

Simple lock mechanism (made by U.S.-based MacGuard)
The unique spline made by the leading lock nut maker, MacGuard, provides a simple locking mechanism that makes these nuts extremely difficult to remove without a special tool.

Ability to endure hard circuit racing.
The two-piece structure absorbs vibrations transmitted from the wheel, and always maintains excellent tightening torque (so the nuts don't loosen). These are lug nuts that put circuit racing uppermost into the minds of the drivers.

Special processes to prevent rust.
A three-layer chrome plate process is employed to prevent rust and dirt from accumulating.

Long-term warrantee on lug nut main body (spline)
Lug nuts will be exchanged free of charge if damage, cracking, or rust appears on the lug nut main body (spline). (Warrantee does not cover the threads, seating side, or cap.) Contact for warrantee replacement: MacGuard control center: Phone: 048-640-5575

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Product Version Price Order
TRD Lug Nut set M12 x P1.5,TRD logo attached, lug nut x20pcs, Lug nut socket x1

Vehicle Compatibility


Vehicle Compatibility

TRD Security Lock Nut set M12 x P1.5, lug nut x16pcs, Security Lock Nut x4pcs, Lug nut socket x1, Lock Nut Socket x1, Resin Case x1

Vehicle Compatibility


Vehicle Compatibility

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