Noblesse Honda Odyssey RB3/4 Muffler

Nengun now offers the Noblesse Honday Odyssey RB3/4 Mufflers

The Noblesse Honda Odyssey RB3/4 Mufflers.  Japanese Certification for RB3 (2WD) has already been acquired * Intermediate straight specifications are not certified. 


These mufflers are suitable for:

  • M / L (standard car) and (2WD / 4WD) 
  • M aero edition (catalytic flange flange = for standard car / tail position = for absolute) 
  • Absolute exclusive muffler (2WD / 4WD) 
  • 2 WD certified 


  • Higher volume levels than factory, but still passes inspections and does not have any overly loud or offensive sounds
  • Gives a nice deep sound, but not enough to interfer with listening to your audio system
  • Even at low speeds their is no drone sounds, and can easily be driven in town without being annoying
  • Better mid to high end power can be felt, just by changing to this muffler!!!
  • Designed for enjoyment for all age groups.
  • Style, Sound and Power
  • Suitable for lowered vehicles

Two Tail Types are available.  The Type 7 and the Type 8.  Both are approximately the same size and shape

Type 7 tail (oval large) 

  • Size: Width 120 mm Vertical 85 mm 
  • Material: Stainless steel mirror finish 
  • The tail has a thick design. It is also bigger than normal so you can produce a certain amount of power.  Euro-tasteful design blends into more styles.  Tail with double structure punching.

Type 8 tail (oval large) 

  • Size: Width 120 mm Vertical 80 mm 
  • Material: Stainless steel mirror finish 
  • The tail has become an elliptical design with no thickness, it is larger than normal, so it is possible to produce some degree of power.  Tail with double structure punching.

Two Tail Options available.  The Twin Tail and the Quad Tail.

  • The Twin Tail has two muffler tails (one right and one left).  It is a shape that matches a genuine bumper.  Processing of the bumper etc. is unnecessary, it becomes full bolt on.  It may differ from the photo slightly. 
  • The Quad Tail has four muffler tails (two right and two left).  It is a high-end style offset specification.  Some processing may be required in order to use the factory bumper, this option is recommend for after market bumpers that will accomodate the Quad Tails.

In order to set a high-class muffler at a more affordable price, two types of material were utilized. 

  • Half stainless = Pipe part is subjected to rust prevention painting (baking finish) for alstar rust prevention . 
  • All stainless = all made of stainless steel 

* Tyco and tail are made of stainless steel regardless of the type of material. 

For all stainless steel, this intermediate pipe is made of stainless steel coated with mirror finish. Due to the nature of the material, distortion during welding will be larger than half stain. Please note, If you are concerned about choosing a half stain please. 

Vehicle Part   Price Order
Odyssey - RB3
4 left/right, type 8, all stainless, 2WD absolute
USD $ 1,915.50
Odyssey - RB3
4 left/right, type 8, all stainless, 2WD absolute
USD $ 1,915.50
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