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Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

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Fujitsubo VVV (Authorize)

Fujitsubo offer their VVV Exhaust System as part of the Authorize Series.

Fujitsubo offer their VVV Exhaust System as part of the Authorize Series.  These systems have adopted the use of a valve system to provide the best of both worlds, a sports system and a normal system.


  • An exhaust system that changes the exhaust path to change the volume, sound quality, and performance characteristics by opening and closing the butterfly valve built into the muffler body. Evolved muffler that meets the needs of drivers according to the situation of use.
  • Since the valve can be opened and closed arbitrarily with the touch of a button, you can instantly select the exhaust that suits the surrounding environment, such as switching between tunnels and residential areas and sports driving.
  • Since it is an exhaust system with a built-in valve unit, you can take a vehicle inspection while wearing it. Reliable design with pre-certification (or JASMA certification).
  • Close the valve when you want torque at low speeds or on slopes, and fully open the valve when you need power such as winding or high speed driving! It is also possible to enjoy different performances.


BMW M2 Competition:

  • Genuine muffler cutting required
  • The sound will be powerful in "SPORT" mode and "SPORT PLUS" mode.
  • Normally, use in "EFFICIENT" mode
  • When the valve is fully closed, only two centers are exhausted.
  • Noise measurement values are measured in "EFFICIENT" mode.
  • Power check is measured in "SPORT PLUS" mode
  • The control unit is not included because the genuine system is used.
  • With tail length adjustment mechanism

Vehicle Part Material Pieces Pipe Size Tail Size Tail Type   Price Order
M2 Competition - F87 - 2U30
6MT Only
Stainless Steel 7 60.5mm - 70mm 92mm Carbon (Round Slash)
USD $ 3,253.60
USD $ 4,160.61
M2 Competition - F87 - 2U30
6MT Only
Material Stainless Steel
Pieces 7
Pipe Size 60.5mm - 70mm
Tail Size 92mm
Tail Type Carbon (Round Slash)
USD $ 3,253.60
USD $ 4,160.61
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