ATS Inc., established in 1995, is a venture business to develop, produce, and sell high quality parts related to the driving system of a vehicle. Having had experience in the development of 500CC class formula racing cars during the '70s in Japan, the development staff of ATS h as designed engines and suspension systems of various cars, and of course, LSD.

The production section of ATS is only engaged in the assembling of parts and shipping inspections. We farm out all the mechanical processes of ATS parts to other manufacturers, having a lot of cooperative companies outside. High-level mass production technology in Japan is always available. One of our major advantages is that we have a good partnership with many major companies and know-how in quality control in mass production, as well as the development of technology. Thus, product quality is at the h

ATS contracts with about 100 race drivers in Japan.

We obtain various actual data for development from these contracted drivers or racing teams. Their expertise and experience enable us to design and develop unique products.

Since 1995, the users of ATS LSD are steadily increasing in Japan. ATS LSD takes an active part in top category races in Japan. Also, we focus on after service towards the user.

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