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At Nengun, we don't consider you as a customer but a family member. We have the same passion modified cars and performance parts



Customs & Tariff Bureau, Ministry of Finance, Japan.

Accredited by the Customs & Tariff Bureau, Ministry of Finance, Japan.

Fedex Japan

Announced FED EX Number 1 Distributor of Automotive parts from Japan, at the "With the Style Hotel", Japan.

Japan Post EMS

1st Japanese Automotive Corporation to sign a Formal Contract with privatized Japan Post EMS.

Nengun Co. Ltd is an established Houjin, a legally recognized corporation in Japan and Police registered Kobutsusho member 901080810037. Being a customer of Nengun Performance, you can be confident that you are working with a dependable and trustworthy Japanese company here for the long term. Nengun Performance is based in Fukuoka, the capital city of the Fukuoka Prefecture in the northern part of the Kyushu Island of Japan.

The Nengun Performance website has been specifically designed and developed for the sale of aftermarket performance parts, we aim to make the process of ordering online and international shipping as simple as possible.

The product catalog on the website is only a small sample of all of the performance parts available, if you are chasing a part not listed on the website please let us know and we will do our utmost to help you. If you would like any further information please see our comprehensive Website Help section, together with our Privacy and Security Policies.

With over 25 years experience in the automotive industry, we have established a large range of exclusive relationships inside and outside of Japan. These relationships ensure we can quickly and reliably supply performance parts that have previously never been available outside of Japan.


Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Shipping

Nengun offers 12 different freight lines over 6 carriers, offering every option to suit your requirements.

Japan Post EMS international freight
Nengun Local Delivery
Japan Postal Services including SAL
DHL Economy & Priority Shipping
Fedex Economy & Priority Shipping

Nengun Operations



Nengun Performance has delivered over 50,000 parts to 150 countries worldwide since the year 2000.

Operating in Japan, Nengun Performance and has grown to one of the largest international suppliers of JDM parts on the internet.

Nengun began by selling performance parts online to fellow enthusiasts in Kyushu Japan, providing quality Japanese performance parts at reasonable prices. Since then, Nengun Performance has grown into one of the largest suppliers of high quality aftermarket performance parts with a customer base exceeding 55,000 on every continent of the globe. Direct contracts with Japan Post, Fedex, DHL and Sankyu ensure the fastest and most secure international delivery possible.

Inline with our strong growth, we have established a large office, warehouse and distribution facility. A traditional Japanese Sumo Dojo was carefully redeveloped into a facility specifically designed to handle our large quantities of incoming stock, packaging and outgoing deliveries. These facilities now enable Nengun Performance to continue to grow in the supply of Japanese performance parts throughout the world.