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Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

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The HKS SUPERIOR specR is full titanium muffler developed with the concept of high performance.

The HKS SUPERIOR specR is full titanium muffler developed with the concept of high performance. By using titanium, which is lightweight and has excellent corrosion resistance, it is about -10 kg lighter than the genuine one.  The sound quality is a lacy sound in which high-pitched sounds reverberate as the rotation rises.  The layout adopts a unique layout that takes a large bending R in consideration of exhaust pressure and exhaust temperature, and in combination with the expansion of the pipe, the exhaust pressure is greatly reduced while suppressing the sound pressure, and HKS that demonstrates high power. Also compatible with the GT Package series.  The tail has a double structure to prevent burning, and a slit inside is designed to have a sound deadening effect.
The ultimate muffler was born in all of "performance", "sound quality" and "appearance" that were born after many tests.


  • Full Titanium Muffler
  • 10kg. lighter than original
  • When the temperature of the pipe rises above 600° C by running, the pipe itself will develop vivid colors.


  • When used with a metal catalyzer, volume: 92dB on the left and 91dB on the right
  • Only "Pure Edition" is applicable to vehicles after 2016/7 (2017 model). 
  • When installing on vehicles after 2010/11, it is necessary to process the genuine aluminum baffle plate. 
  • Not compatible with GT-R NISMO, not compatible with 4BA-R35

Vehicle Part Material Pieces Pipe Size Tail Size   Price Order
GT-R - R35
CBA-R35, DBA-R35 - 2007/12~2019/05
Titanium 2 85mm 124mm (x4)
USD $ 4,101.39
USD $ 5,486.81
GT-R - R35
CBA-R35, DBA-R35 - 2007/12~2019/05
Material Titanium
Pieces 2
Pipe Size 85mm
Tail Size 124mm (x4)
USD $ 4,101.39
USD $ 5,486.81
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