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Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

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Sard Fuel Regulator - Type-RJ

Sard Fuel Regulator to dampen the pressure spikes caused by high flow fuel pumpes and cycling injectors.

Sard adjustable Fuel regulators utilizes an extra lightweight diaphram assemply that provides excellent pulsation dampening; to dampen the pressure spikes caused by high flow fuel pumps and cycling injectors ( especially non-factory high flow fuel injectors ). Sard Fuel pressure regulators are designed to provide the correct fuel pressure for any high performance fuel injected vehicle. The type R is designed for high horsepower naturally aspirated fuel injected and turbo charged engines. Due to the boost compensation design, it can provide more fuel under high turbo boost conditions. Construction is of high quality as parts are machined from billet aluminum. Pressure adjustment is made easy by turning the built - in 360 degree nut.

When installing higher capacity fuel injectors, the fuel pressure needs to be adjusted to accomodate the new injectors. In addition to allowing tuning to accomodate higher capacity fuel injectors, the SARD Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator can be used with stock fuel injectors to increase fuel delivery by increasing fuel pressure.

- Every component of the SARD fuel pressure regulator was designed and built specifically to maintain a steady fuel pressure.
- The regulator housing has a 1/8PT service hole to allow for the installation of a fuel pressure regulator or fuel line to additional fuel injectors.
- The regulator allows the use of either an 8mm hose nipple or an AN#6 adapter bolt.
- The body of the regulator is constructed of aluminum, while hose fittings are anodized blue.
- A mounting bracket is included with the regulator in greatly simplify mounting in the engine bay.

The TYPE-R regulator utilizes a larger-size diaghram for hard-tuned turbo vehicles. The TYPE-R regulator is designed to maintain steady fuel pressure even under high boost conditions.

Vehicle Product   Price Order
Type RJ Fuel regulator 8mm nipple
USD $ 237.45
USD $ 294.98
Product   Order
Type RJ Fuel regulator 8mm nipple
USD $ 237.45
USD $ 294.98
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