TM Square Front Fenders for ZC31S
TM Square

Performance is TM-SQUARE, asked the front fender, and the improvement of cooling performance, it is to get an accurate downforce valid.

Passing through the radiator, fresh air from the front of the body, has been introduced, and enter into the engine room. However, the passage of air to the engine, including a horizontal layout, the absorbed heat is very narrow and complicated. As a result, the pressure in the engine room is increased, they interfere with the introduction of fresh air.

Therefore, in the TM-SQUARE, focusing on the engine room space on each side.

Essentially, because it is covered with a bag shape by the fender space ahead, there is no air flow from here, when devising the shape of the fender, from the engine compartment, remove the air that absorbs heat at once that he can be Masu (see figure below).

Also, "the pressure in the tire house", which is the greatest enemy, by the rear of the fender, open the slit, he was able to greatly suppressed for downforce.

By wind traveling around both sides of the hood, it will be a negative pressure to seat the slit in this part, to active, to release the hot air in the engine room (cooling effect).

The hot air emitted from the duct through the slit was not aspirated, the (cooling effect). 

This duct portion, so that a shape which is stepped behind the door, that effectively absorbs heat out is a negative pressure near the outlet I can be.

(OE) is the inner fender is mounted, it is possible to release the heat in the engine room from this part (cooling effect).

This duct for suppressing air that has passed through the lower surface of the front bumper has hit the tire pressure in the tire house is increased this part (down force). Duct part, the internet is because it is mounted, cut into the shape duct inner fender, we carried out the attachment.

Vehicle Product   Price Order
Swift S - ZC31S - M16A
Suzuki - Swift S - ZC31S - Front Fender
USD $ 750.48
USD $ 815.73
Product   Order
Swift S - ZC31S - M16A
Suzuki - Swift S - ZC31S - Front Fender
USD $ 750.48
USD $ 815.73
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