TRD is the racing factory for Toyota, which has been responsible for the development of racing cars and their engines. "TRD" is the key for Toyota's racing activities, and is very enthusiastic to develop motor sports in Japan. Sports (Tune-up) parts exclusively made for Toyota's racing cars have been effectively been applied to Toyota's other regular cars.

TRD is positively participating on supporting the One Make Race, such as Formula Toyota in Japan. TRD's various updated know-how has been well applied to the parts for racing cars as well as for the race regulations. The dead-heated motor races with high technique have actively been demonstrated at the race truck.

TRD who is also involved in the All Japan Championship Series, one of the leading touring car races in Japan as well as the CART Championship Series, the top car race in U.S.A., is willing to take part as one of the development teams for racing and rally cars.

TRD doesn't participate in the races itself as one of the team members, however, we proudly support the further development on Toyota Motor Sports.

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