TRD High Response Muffler Ver. R - 86

The TRD High Response Muffler Ver.

R for the 86 is a high-quality sports muffler developed by TRD in partnership with standard muffler manufacturers.  Designed for the perfect exhaust note for your 86.

  • Quad Tip Exhaust:  Dual Muffler, with Dual Exit
  • Designed to match the TRD Rear Bumper Spoiler
  • Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Designed in partnership between TRD and Toyota
  • Focused on performance whilst maintaing cost effectiveness
  • Maintains Toyota's reputation for reliable quality products
  • Note:  Small processing of the rear bumper is required, or purchase of the TRD Rear Bumper spoiler or Rear Bumper Garnish for the 86. The Nuts and Gasket below are required.
  • R for the 86 has a lead-time associated.  If you have any questions, please make an enquiry.  We are happy to answer.



Product Version Vehicle Compatibility Price Order
Toyota - 86 - ZN6 - Pipe 60mm - Tail 86mm x4 - High Response Muffler Ver. R
86 GT - ZN6
USD $ 1,129.64
USD $ 1,165.68
Vehicle Compatibility
Toyota - 86 GT - ZN6
High Response Muffler Ver. R - Gasket
USD $ 16.09
High Response Muffler Ver. R - Nuts - 2 Pieces
USD $ 11.33
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