The OB-LINK extracts vehicle data from the on board diagnostics port (OBD) and sends it via Bluetooth to an Android device (Tablet/Smartphone etc.

The OB-LINK extracts vehicle data from the on board diagnostics port (OBD) and sends it via Bluetooth to an Android device (Tablet/Smartphone etc.



  •  Auto Power ON/OFF
  • The power is automatically on or off depending on the conditions of app., ECU, and Bluetooth.
  •  Power-saving Mode
  • After turning off the power, the power-saving mode is activated. Power Consumption: Approximately 0.2[mA]~0.01[mA] (Usual power consumption is 3[mA])
  • OB-LINK is connected to the constant power. This power-saving mode prevents the battery run-out.


OB-LINK Data sent from the OB-LINK can be viewed using an app called "Carscope" (※) for Android devices. This allows viewing of vehicle maintenance data and other parameters 
※"Carscope" can be downloaded from Google Play

Check Android Devices

Check 1: Make sure the version of Android OS is 2.1 or newer.
Check 2: Make sure bluetooth is equipped. 
Check 3: Make sure the bluetooth is compliant for SPP profile.(OB-LINK connects by the SPP profile for bluetooth connection.)
* Please check the device manual or maker for the SPP compliant.

When all of check points are OK, download app and install it to the Android device.
To use the OB-LINK, the following 2 apps are required.

Real Time Meter

Displays vehicle data in real time View modes can be switched with left or right flicks or tapping the indicators on the left or right of the screen.

Real Time Meter -Display Items-

1. Speed
2. Engine RPM
3. Water Temperature
4. Ignition Timing
5. AF Correction Value1
6. AF Learning Value1
7. AF Correction Value2
8. AF Learning Value2
9. Intake Air Volume
10. Airflow 1
11. Airflow 2
12. Intake Manifold Pressure
13. Intake Air Temperature
14. Throttle Angle1 or Throttle Voltage1
15. Throttle Angle2 or Throttle Voltage2
16. O2 Sensor 1
17. O2 Sensor 2
18. Injection Time
19. Accelerator Angle1 or Accelerator1
20. Accelerator Angle2 or Accelerator2
21. Engine Oil Temperature
22. A/T Oil Temperature(ECT→EFI)
23. Shift Position
24. Error Code


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