Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

JDM parts shipped direct from Japan

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APEXi DIN 3 Meter

The Apexi DIN3 Meter enables easy integration of 3 gauges within a standard 1 DIN size for an advanced beautiful display of engine vitals.

The Apexi DIN3 Meter displays 3 beautiful electronic gauges within a standard 1 DIN size for easy monitoring of water temperature, oil pressure and temperature.


  • 1 DIN easy installation that can display 3 gauges in full colour LED
  • Beautiful display with visibility of analog sense and accuracy by digital, numeric display by using layer display tube
  • It is possible to install in the center part of each meter of a full-color LED indicator 
  • Equipped with warning and peak holding functions
  • Lighting/non-lighting of every meter can each display function with various settings

Kit Includes:

  • Meter main body
  • Sensor unit
  • Temperature #1 measures 30 - 197.5 C
  • Temperature #2 measures 50 - 197.5 C
  • Pressure measures 0 - 10 x 100kpa
  • Temperature sensor harness (2.5m) 
  • Pressure sensor harness (2.5m) 
  • Various connected harness and small parts for installation

The unit features a "Color gradation" function that the color of putting LED together changes into each numerical value, and an intuitive reading under running is possible. 

  • Color gradation change color
  • Thermometer Blue to Green to Yellow to Red
  • Pressure gauge Green to Yellow to Red 
  • Full-color LED will blink when it reaches the set warning value and we inform you of it. 
  • Set the unit to a fixed color or it can be changed to your personal favourite colour

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