Tomei Forged Piston Kit - Nissan RB25DET

Since the piston is one of the most important parts in the engine exchanging combustion energy into the moving moment, the material of the piston must have enough strength against severe fluctuation of temperature and extremely high pressure from the movement. Cast metal, which is used for the stock pistons, is suitable for mass production but cannot maintain enough strength when used in tuned engines that produce over 100hp per cylinder. Instead, forged metal made from alloy aluminium, must be used as the material for those parts that will be used under the severe circumstances beyond stock level. Atmospheric pressure from combustion; 200kgf. Total amount of concerned energy is 11tons. Temperature of exploding gas; 2500. You have to focus on the truth that todays highly tuned engines now have reached equal level with the racing engines of former group C and Formula 1.

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To Suit RB25DET Bore 87.0 Pin Displacement 2556cc
USD $ 1,324.35
USD $ 1,563.57
To Suit RB25DET Bore 87.0 Pin Displacement 2556cc
USD $ 1,324.35
USD $ 1,563.57
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