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Nismo GT 500 Shift Knob

This GT Titanium Shift Knob is made commercially with the use of titanium material, and is exactly the same design as the shift knob installed in the NISMO Skyline GT-R/GT500 class (as participated in the Japanese GT championship series).

The knob is made of lightweight & exotic material: titanium alloy. A NISMO logo is professionally laser-etched on the knob.

Installation method is the same process as the one used for GT500 race machines. Installation is by tightening the steel sleeve from the knob point which is inserted into the shift knob with a bolt. All installation parts are included in the installation kit. There are two types of shift knobs offered, one for the Nissan 5-speed manual cars, and the other is the Nissan 6-speed manual cars.

There is also two types of material Lightweight Titanium or Soft Urethane.

Product Version Vehicle Compatibility Price Order
GT500 Shift Knob 5MT 10mm (Soft Urethane) FOR A 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION
GT500 Shift Knob 6MT 12mm (Soft Urethane) FOR A 6 SPEED TRANSMISSION
GT500 Shift Knob 5MT/6MT 10mm (Titanium)
US $ 116.10
US $ 117.78
GT500 Shift Knob 6MT 12mm (Titanium) FOR A 6 SPEED TRANSMISSION
US $ 116.10
US $ 117.78
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