Midori Seibi Midori Spec Digital G-Sensor
Midori Seibi

Midori Seibi has the Midori Spec.

Midori Seibi has the Midori Spec.

Digital G-Sensor to measure the G Forces on your Vehicle and maximize the potential of your Nissan Skyline GT-R.

The Increase in sensitivity and reaction rate for this Digital G-Sensor vs. the stock analog is approximately 30 times greater than stock.  Also works with your vehicle's system during sudden acceleration, and braking in addition to increasing handling response.

When cornering and you have broken traction, the stock G sensor would delay in sending this information but the Digital Sensor can respond much quicker reacting to the situation to dramatically improve handling.


Please Note:

Midori Seibi parts are made-to-order and have a lead-time, please be aware.  If you have any questions or your vehicle is not listed, please make an enquiry.  We are happy to answer

Product Version Vehicle Compatibility Price Order
Nissan - R32/R33/R34 Skyline GTR - BNR32/BCNR33/BNR34 - Midori Spec Digital G-Sensor
Skyline - R32 GTR - BNR32
Skyline - R33 GTR - BCNR33
Skyline - R34 GTR - BNR34
USD $ 515.23
USD $ 564.89
Vehicle Compatibility
Nissan - Skyline - R32 GTR - BNR32
Nissan - Skyline - R33 GTR - BCNR33
Nissan - Skyline - R34 GTR - BNR34
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