Tomei Rocker Arm Stopper

In the SR engine, When the situation arises when the engine revs over 7000rpm while on a circuit run or drag racing, or over-rev from miss shifting will sometimes lead the tappet side of the rocker arm fulcrum to jump, and the rocker arm to come off. The Rocker arm stopper is the part which holds the lash adjuster side of Rocker arm with fixed clearance, controls the deflection of Rocker arm when jumping occurs, and protects the engine from damage.


  • Set of each IN and EX
  • Head cover modification may needed to some model
  • Cannot be used with VVL
  • Available with Solid pivot type cam
  • Material SPCC steel chromate coated
  • Spacer included

Vehicle Product   Price Order
PS13,S14,S15 & P10
USD $ 48.37
USD $ 57.10
Product   Order
PS13,S14,S15 & P10
USD $ 48.37
USD $ 57.10
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