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TEIN EDFC - Controller Kit

EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller) makes it possible for the driver to control the damping force by controlling a motor installed in the shock absorber while being seated in the driver's seat.

Since the damping force can be manually controlled with ease to meet different situations, the driver can enjoy variations in the suspension setting.


  • Easily controlled from the inside
  • Memory contents easily recalled
  • Compact in size
  • Installed in a wide range of vehicles
  • Reasonable Price


  • Damping force control function (16 levels / 32 levels)
  • Damping force level maintaining function
  • Damping force level memory function
  • Damping force level resetting function
  • Self-checking/warning function
  • Volume/brightness control function
  • Mis-operation preventive function

Please note, the EDFC is now split up into two products, the EDFC - Controller Kit and the EDFC - Motor Kit. Both products must be purchased to setup the kit, the EDFC Vehicle Compatibility chart is available from Tein.

Product Version Vehicle Compatibility Price Order
Controller Unit only - Black
All Models
US $ 171.21
US $ 207.00
Controller Unit only - Silver
All Models
US $ 171.21
US $ 207.00
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