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Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan

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HKS Stroker Kit - Nissan SR20DET - 2.2L

The HKS SR20DET 2.2L stroker kit dramatically improve torque and capability for high horsepower and was used by HKS in the D1 GP.

The HKS SR20DET 2.2L kit is specially designed for Nissan's SR20DET engine. This kit provides improvements in torque during low to medium speed as required in street driving & drifting. This kit also provides high horsepower output coupled with low frictional losses required for drag racing. Extensive testing was performed in HKS Silvia during D1 GP competition with the result of this kit being perfectly balanced and lightened for aftermarket high performance tuning.

Compression ratio (Gasket Size)
* 8.80 (t=1.2mm)
* 8.54 (t=1.6mm)
* 8.29 (t=2.0mm)

HKS 2.2L Kit consist of these parts;
- Forged piston kit (nickel plated & piston surface has a final molybdenum coating).
- H cross section connecting rods.
- Fully forged & balanced counter crankshaft.

* To cylinder block and baffle plate et cetera
Escaping processing becomes necessary.


  • Piston material is specially forged to HKS specifications. This ensures high strength, durability, reliability, and produced to high dimensional accuracy. As a result, this forged piston enjoys tremendous weight savings, and a well balanced part.

    The piston crown has a balanced & symetrical concave section design which ensures higher engine response. Any larger concave section will result in a drop in compression ratio, and will affect engine response.
  • Nickel plating is performed on the piston surface which includes the piston ring grooves. This prevents engine knocking during high combustion pressure which will damage the piston & cylinder walls.
  • The piston is then finally coated with a friction reducing molybdenum layer. This improves piston to cylinder wall contact, and minimizes frictional losses.
  • To reduce abrasion resistance, and to improve performance, the top piston ring is titanium coated.
  • In order to acheive an overall low piston height, piston design with two thin piston oil rings is adopted by HKS. This ensures minimum friction, and a low tension type piston.

With the use of high pressure forging for the material, the part does not requires much secondary operations except for the mating bearing surfaces.

  • A huge weight saving is acheived with the use of H cross-section beam for the connecting rods (Factory con rod weighs at 666 grams, HKS forged conn rod weighs 575 grams, a 16% weight reduced).
  • High tensile bolts are used to prevent cap opening during high inertial forces generated at high RPM loads.



  • The strength of the crankshaft is ensured when the metal fiber flow is not affected during the forging process.
  • It is a full counter form, balanced to high tolerances where smooth revolutions are ensured. This results in loads being evenly distributed onto the metal surface, and reduces frictional loads.
  • It is extremely light and strong compared to the factory item, and other aftermarket performance crankshaft available in the market (other aftermarket performance crankshaft weighs at 18kg, factory crankshaft weighs at 17kg, HKS crankshaft weighs at 16kg).
  • The rigidity of the pin side is improved with the addition of a rib to the connecting rod pin.
  • The crankshaft manufacturing process is completed with a special hardening process according to HKS specifications to ensure increased reliability at high RPM loads, and reduce fatigue.

The SR20 engine might be not strong enough during high RPM loads after the aluminum block is re-bored. As a result, HKS offers a thick metal sleeve for the cylinder wall re-sleeving process to replace the cast sleeve. This is highly recommended by HKS if the engine is tuned for high horsepower output at high RPM loads

Vehicle Part   Price Order
Nissan SR20DET 2.2L Kit, Capacity 2164, Piston Size 87mm - 22mm
USD $ 2,704.35
USD $ 2,939.51
Nissan SR20DET 2.2L Kit, Capacity 2164, Piston Size 87mm - 22mm
USD $ 2,704.35
USD $ 2,939.51
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